Our Brand was established by a group of passionate, vocal and uncompromising like-minded industry people, with significant, real and current experience in their specialised field. Collaboratively the group continue to seek better training standards, higher competency levels and more importantly putting students before profit in a sometimes unpredictable world.

“Better Training = Better Students= Safer /Smarter Industry's"

Our Values:

We acknowledge the importance of adult learning principles in the delivery of effective training.

We believe that all students should be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and to understand that as learners, they have an active role to play in their training/learning and assessment process.

We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible whilst you undertake your training, so we keep our class sizes at a comfortable level to ensure optimum learning environments.

We ensure that all our students receive the in-depth learning and unlimited support they deserve.

We strive to provide the most realistic and current training in the industry. All our instructors are highly respected within the training industry and come from backgrounds such as military special forces, police, special operations group, corrections and private enterprise. At a minimum, our instructors have 15 years’ operational experience and still currently work in the industry to give you the best possible training experience.

Our mission :

We believe in sharing relevant and up to date industry knowledge and skills to enable our students to work in the industry of their choice, thereby contributing to a better trained workforce, Australia wide.

We will continually update and improve our  own level of skill and knowledge to ensure that only the best and most relevant information and techniques are offered to our clients.