Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management


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Face to Face


Face to Face

Duration: 22 days - Monday to Friday

Course Fee:


Course Fee:

$1,850.00 pp

RPL: Available

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Please note:  On 29th September 2019, the training course for Security and Risk Management was updated. The new course CPP40719 Certificate IV in Security Management supersedes and is equivalent to the previous course CPP40707 Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management.


LRD (Licensing and Regulation Division of the Victoria Police) will continue to accept the CPP40707 when applying for a Private Security Business Licence until advised otherwise.  When the new courses above become available we will immediately update the website.


The new CPP40719 Certificate IV in Security Management will be available in due course and we will immediately update the website. If you would like to be notified please send a request to info@aussolutions.com.au.


Security can provide a stable career, with a healthy income. The security industry is 24 hours / 7 days a week, and can allow you to travel the world protecting the public.


Certificate IV in Security & Risk Management will prepare you for real life experiences and will provide a healthy income for those that gain employment within the risk assessing industry.



Risk management is the identification, assessment and prioritisation of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources. The course identifies the need to minimize, monitor and control the likelihood and/or impact of unfortunate events, and to maximise the realisation of opportunities.


For the most part, these methods consist of the following elements, performed,

more or less, in the following order:

  • Communication and consultation

  • Establish the content

  • Identify the risks

  • Analyse the risks

  • Vulnerability of management lifecycle


Units Covered in this Course

CPPSEC4001A – Manage a safe workplace in the security industry

CPPSEC4002A – Implement effective communication techniques

CPPSEC4003A – Advise on security needs

CPPSEC4004A – Monitor and review security operations

CPPSEC4005A – Facilitate workplace briefing and debriefing

CPPSEC4006A – Assess risks

CPPSEC4007A – Identify and assess threat

CPPSEC4012A – Identify and assess security of assets


Elective Units

BSBCUS401A – Co-ordinate and implement customer service strategies

BSBINN301A – Promote innovation in a team environment

BSBITS401A – Maintain business technology

BSBMGT403A – Implement continuous improvement

BSBADM409A – Co-ordinate business resources

BSBWOR401A – Establish effective workplace relationships

BSBWOR402A – Promote team effectiveness

BSBWOR404A – Develop work priorities

BSBFIA402A – Report on financial activity

BSBMB401A – Establish legal and risk management requirements of a small business