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If you are looking to work in the hospitality industry, getting your RSA gives you the opportunity to work in Melbourne's iconic cafe venues.

Coursework and Assessment

This course is a competency-based training program.

Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee



Face to Face


Face to Face

Duration: 4 hours

Course Fee:


Course Fee:
$150.00 pp

RPL: Not available

The program covers

  • Major types and characteristics of coffee beverages

  • Characteristics of different types of bean, blends, & roasts

  • Mise en place requirements

  • Methods and techniques for preparing and serving coffee beverages

  • Quality indicators for espresso coffee extraction

  • Available options to meet specific customer preferences

  • Factors relevant to quality of espresso coffee

  • Extraction rates for the different espresso coffees

  • How and when adjustments are required

  • Organisational procedures and industry standards

  • Appropriate environmental conditions for storage

  • Essential features and functions of different espresso machines

  • Basic maintenance and cleaning methods for espresso grinders, machines, and equipment

  • Content of safety data sheets for cleaning agents and chemicals, or workplace documents that interpret the content of SDS.

  • Latte art