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Business Licence # 869-616-31S

Firearms Licence # 869-616-00H

Units Covered in this Course

CPPSEC1003A – Apply security procedures for responsible service of alcohol

CPPSEC2001A – Communicate in the security industry

CPPSEC2002A – Follow workplace safety procedures

CPPSEC2003B – Work effectively in the security industry

CPPSEC2004B – Respond to security risk situation

CPPSEC2005A – Work as part of a security team

CPPSEC2006B – Provide security services to clients

CPPSEC2010A – Protect safety of persons

CPPSEC2011B – Control access to and exit from premises

CPPSEC3013A – Control person using empty hand techniques

CPPSEC2012A – Monitor & control crowd behavior

CPPSEC2014A – Operate basic security equipment

CPPSEC2015A – Patrol premises

CPPSEC2017A – Protect self, others using defensive tactics

CPPSEC3002A – Manage conflict through negotiation

CPPSEC3005A – Prepare security documentation & reports

CPPSEC3017A – Plan and conduct evacuation of premises

TLIE2007A – Use communication systems

HLTFA311A – Apply first aid


Additional requirements

On completion of the qualification, the learner will be required to complete, submit and be successful in obtaining a private security individual licence to work in the security industry.