Provide first aid



Face to Face


Face to Face

Duration: 8 hours

Course Fee:


Course Fee:

$125.00 pp

RPL: Not available


This course provides you with the Skills and Knowledge to apply first Aid in the workplace


Coursework & Assessment

This course is a competency-based training program.

This course covers

  • Basic Life Support (DRSABCD) CPR and AED

  • Shock Management

  • Airway Management- Asthma, Choking

  • Severe Allergic Reaction, Hyperventilation

  • Cardiac Emergencies

  • Seizures and Convulsions

  • Bleeding and Wound Care

  • Burns and Scalds                                        

  • Extremes Heat and Cold

  • Musculoskeletal Injuries

  • Poisons and Toxic Substances, Bites and Stings

  • Abdominal Injuries

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