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Business Licence # 869-616-31S

Firearms Licence # 869-616-00H



Control traffic with stop/slow bat

Duration: 1 day

Cost: $200pp

Course fees include: All face-to-face training and course materials.

Training options: This course is offered days, nights and weekends.

Locations: Across Victoria

Course Information

This Traffic Management course teaches you the skills to implement a traffic management plan and set up traffic control equipment. This course equips students with the essential skills for several industries, including civil construction, mining and drilling.


Key Elements of the training include:  

  • Planning and Preparing traffic management plans 

  • How to eliminate traffic hazards to protect pedestrians and workers on site

  • Instructions or procedures for controlling traffic 

  • How to implement and monitor the effectiveness of a traffic management plan.


Coursework and Assessment

This course is a competency-based training program.