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Business Licence # 869-616-31S

Firearms Licence # 869-616-00H

Units Covered in This Course

CPPSEC3001A  – Maintain workplace safety in the security industry

BSBWOR301A  – Organise personal work priorities & development

CPPSEC3030A  – Conduct surveillance

CPPSEC3028A  – Compile investigative plan

CPPSEC3009A  – Prepare and present evidence in court

CPPSEC3029A  – Provide quality investigative services to clients

BSBFLM303C  –   Contribute to effective workplace â€‹relations

CPPSEC3012A  – Store and protect information

CPPSEC3026A  – Work effectively in the investigative services industry

CPPSEC3027A  – Develop investigative plan

CPPSEC3031A  – Organise and operate a surveillance vehicle

CPPSEC3032A  – Gather information by factual investigation

CPPSEC3033A  – Conduct interviews and take statements

CPPSEC3034A  – Operate information gathering equipment

FNSMERC304B – Locate subjects


Additional Requirements

On completion of the qualification, the learner will be required to complete, submit and be successful in obtaining a private security individual licence to work in the security industry.