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Armed Guard /
Cash In Transit
Skill Set

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Armed Guard/Cash in Transit


Face to Face


Face to Face

6 Days

Course Fee:


Course Fee:
$795.00 pp

RPL: Available
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Career Options

  • Transportation of valuables/cash from casinos, banks or ATM’s

  • Guard high profile buildings or businesses whilst carrying a firearm

  • Mobile Patrol facilitating a weapon

  • Compound Security Protection


Security can provide a stable career, with a healthy income.  The security industry is 24 hours / 7 days a week, and can allow you to travel the world protecting the public.


The Armed Guard / Cash In Transit skillset alongside the Cert 3 in Security Operations cover all the units required for licensing as an armed guard to protect, watch or guard any property whilst being armed with a firearm. This course teaches you the safe use of a revolver handgun, batons and handcuffs and defensive tactics.

This skillset is designed to train security guards who wish to work in collection, transfer and/or delivery of cash or other valuables. This course teaches you how to pre-plan your operations to avoid any injury to yourself and others.



To enrol in this course students must have:

Completed Certificate 2 in Security Operations &

Concurrent enrolment in or completion of Certificate 3 in Security Operations

Units Covered in this Course

CPPSEC3114 - Control Security risk situations using firearms

CPPSEC3115 - Carry, operate, and maintain revolvers for security purposes

CPPSEC3116 - Carry, Operate and maintain semi-automatic pistols for security purposes

CPPSEC3110 - Control persons using batons

CPPSEC3111 - Restrain persons using handcuffs

CPPSEC3125 - Implement security procedures to protect critical infrastructure and public assets


Additional Requirements

On completion of the qualification, the learner will be required to complete, submit and be successful in obtaining a private security individual licence and a general category handgun license to work in this security industry.