Certificate III in Security Operations


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Armed Guard/Cash in Transit


Face to Face


Face to Face

Duration: 20 days - Monday to Friday

Course Fee:


Course Fee:

$1,250.00 pp

RPL: Available

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Please note: On 21 January 2019, the training course for Security Officers was updated. The new course CPP31318 Certificate III in Security Operations supersedes and is not equivalent to the previous course CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations.

On 18 December 2019, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Commissioners agreed to extend the transition period of the CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations and CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations for learner cohorts in NSW, ACT, Tasmania and Victoria until 1 July 2020.

LRD (Licensing and Regulation Division of the Victoria Police) will continue to accept the CPP30411 when applying for a Private Security Individual Licence with the activity of Unarmed Guard and Cash In Transit until advised otherwise.

When the new courses become available we will immediately update the website. If you would like to be notified please send a request to info@aussolutions.com.au.

Career Options

  • Transportation of valuables/cash from casinos, banks or ATM’s

  • Guard high profile buildings or businesses whilst carrying a firearm

  • Mobile Patrol facilitating a weapon

  • Compound Security Protection


Security can provide a stable career, with a healthy income.  The security industry is 24 hours / 7 days a week, and can allow you to travel the world protecting the public.


The Certificate III in Security Operations CPP30411 (Armed Guard) course covers the units required for licensing as an armed guard to protect, watch or guard any property whilst being armed with a firearm. This course teaches you the safe use of a revolver handgun, batons and handcuffs and defensive tactics.


The Certificate III in Security Operations CPP30411 (Cash-in-Transit) course is designed to train security guards who wish to work in collection, transfer and/or delivery of cash or other valuables. This course teaches you how to pre-plan your operations to avoid any injury to yourself and others.

Units Covered in this Course

CPPSEC3006A – Coordinate a quality security service to customers

CPPSEC3007A – Maintain security of environment

CPPSEC3009A – Prepare & present evidence in court

BSBWOR301A –  Organise personal work priorities and development

CPPSEC3001A – Maintain workplace safety in the security industry

CPPSEC3003A – Determine response to security risk situations

CPPSEC3004A – Lead a small team in the security industry

BSBFLM303C – Contribute to effective workplace relationships


Additional Units for Licensing

HLTFA311A – Apply first aid

CPPSEC3002A – Manage conflict through negotiation

CPPSEC3005A - Prepare and present security documentation and reports  

CPPSEC3013A – Control persons using empty hand techniques

CPPSEC3017A – Plan and conduct evacuation of premises

CPPSEC3052A – Inspect and test cash in transit security equipment

CPPSEC3051A – Implement cash in transit security procedures

CPPSEC3050A – Load and unload cash in transit in an unsecured environment

CPPSEC3008A – Control security risk situation using firearms

CPPSEC3014A – Control persons using baton

CPPSEC3015A – Restrain persons using handcuffs

CPPSEC3008A – Control security risk situation using firearms


Additional Requirements

On completion of the qualification, the learner will be required to complete, submit and be successful in obtaining a private security individual licence and a general category handgun license to work in this security industry.