Student Feedback Form

Thank you for choosing Australian Academic Solutions (AAS) for your training, and congratulations on completing your course!

As part of our quality assurance process, we conduct a survey to receive feedback on a regular basis to gauge our performance and to look for continuous improvement opportunities.


1. Thinking in general about your course and the training services you received from AAS, how would you rate your experience overall?



5. Please read the statements below and select the most appropriate response.

a) I received all the information I needed to make an informed decision about my enrolment in the course.
b) Before enrolment, I received accurate information that gave me a clear idea of what to expect from the course and what opportunities it would provide.
c) The training has been stimulating and engaging.
d) The communication I received from AAS about my course and enrolment was sufficient and clearly understood.
e) The enrolment process was efficient and timely.
f) I learnt a variety of new skills and acquired lots of knowledge during my course.
g) The assessment tasks have been sufficiently challenging.
h) The ways in which I was assessed matches the skills I am required to have, or what I expect I will need, on the job.
i) The way the course was delivered met my needs and was appropriate for the course.
j) The trainers and assessors have good knowledge of the topics they are training and assessing.
k) The trainers and assessors are appropriately supportive and provide me with appropriate opportunities to learn.
l) My individual needs have been catered for.
m) I have been able to, or feel that I would be able to, access additional support services if required.
n) The range of services and support provided by AAS met my needs and expectations.
o) I was treated fairly by all staff of AAS during my course.
p) The course appropriately recognised my existing skills and knowledge.
q) The level of customer service provided by AAS during the course met my expectations.
r) I will recommend AAS and/or the course to others.
s) I am considering enrolling in another course with AAS.

Thank you for submitting your feedback!