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Business Licence # 869-616-31S

Firearms Licence # 869-616-00H


Student Forms - VIC

Short Course Enrolment Form (VIC)

Use for:

  • First Aid

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol

  • White Card

  • Traffic Management

  • Emergency Management

Security Operations Enrolment Form (VIC)

Use for:

  • All Security training courses

Student Documents

Student Handbook

Included in Student Information Handbook is the following:

  • Fees, Charges and Refund Policy and Procedure

  • Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure

  • Privacy and Personal Information Statement

Student Forms - SA

Short Course Enrolment Form (SA)

Student Enrolment Form (SA)

Use for:

  • Security training courses

  • All Certificate level courses

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Additional Forms